About Us
Quantiply is a fully automated - fast, reliable and easy-to-use algo platform for Nifty & Banknifty, Futures & Options. The platform allows trading multiple strategies simultaneously, and provides end-to-end execution, live strategy level monitoring of individual strategy mark-to-markets, live prices and instant order updates, along with the ability to modify settings and trail stop losses on-the-go, while the algo is active and positions are open.
With rich features like combined premium based targets and stop losses, individual leg based targets and stop losses, premium matched entries, and more, an intraday trader can trade multiple straddles, strangles, butterflies, condors and directional spreads with ease, thereby eliminating the stress of manually executing trades, while introducing trading discipline and boosting overall trading performance.
Quantiply is brought to you by the team that has been a core part of the revamping of the NSE website. It has implemented critical modules and led the team that has collectively executed the overhaul of the old NSE website. The team brings in rich expertise and experience in engineering that is built around speed, reliability and simplicity.