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Re-entry method

Re-entry method setting has 2 options:

1. LTP:

If this option is selected, after the Stoploss is hit, the re-entry will be triggered as soon as the LTP reaches the average entry price in the case of Re-Cost and re-entry will be triggered immediately in the case of Re-Execute. This is the current default logic.

2. Candle Close:

If this option is selected, after the Stoploss is hit, the algo will check if the re-entry/re-entry condition is fulfilled at the end of the minute or at the closing of the 1 minute candle.

The algo will keep checking the condition at the end of every minute till the the re-entry condition is fulfilled or end time is reached. Here, the re-entry condition means the LTP is at or below the sell entry price and at or above buying price at the end of every minute (or candle close)

In the case of re-execute type of re-entry, the re-execute logic will be executed at the end of the minute, after the stoploss is hit.

The candle close logic of re-entry is based on the Stockmock's re-entry logic. Use the Candle Close option to follow Stockmock's re-entry logic.