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Kotak Securities (Kotak Neo)


Kotak Neo Trading Terminal: https://neo.kotaksecurities.com/Login

Developer portal: https://napi.kotaksecurities.com/devportal/apis

Account Opening link: https://neo.kotaksecurities.com



1. Only one API application is provided by Kotak Securities per client. Hence, only 1 algo platform can be used with the Kotak Securities account at a time.

2. Order tag related limitation doesn't allow for managing rejections/errors for new Entry orders. Hence only retry buttons can be used, and automated retries and related mechanisms will not work temporarily. Rejections/errors with most exit orders and modifications etc are managed. This limitation will be addressed by the broker soon.

You may also see a leg/position in WAITING status on the after the algo has fired the orders. If you see WAITING status, then the leg will have to be managed manually, as the algo will not be able to manage it due to the above limitation. Please monitor your trades more frequently till the above limitation is bridged by the broker.

Estimated timeline for the limitation in point no. 2 to be addressed is second week of November (updated timeline from mid September).

III. MIGRATE TO KOTAK NEO (for older accounts running on the older Kotak system)

If your Kotak trading account is running on the older trading system, you first need to raise a request with Kotak Customer Support to migrate your account to Kotak NEO. Raise the request before 2 PM in the day, so by next day morning your account is operational on Kotak NEO. You can continue to follow the setup process shared below, once your existing account is migrated to Kotak NEO. 



Register for Kotak NEO API from here:  https://www.kotaksecurities.com/trading-tools/kotak-neo-trading-platform/trading-api

1. Select Existing Client: YES.

2. Enter your 5 digit Kotak Securities Client id.

3. Click the Terms & Conditions checkbox.

4. Click on the Register for Neo Trade API button.


Fill out the form. Enter the 5 digit Kotak Securities Client id, and click Submit. Email id and Contact no. is optional.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email from Kotak Securities with your API credentials ie. API username and API password.


1. Go to the developer portal: https://napi.kotaksecurities.com/devportal/apis

2. Login with your API credentials.

3. Once logged in to the developer portal, go to the APPLICATIONS tab, and click on the DEFAULT APPLICATION.

4. Click on the PRODUCTION KEYS tab from the side bar.

5. You will see the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, copy these keys and paste it in the Add Kotak Securities client id section on the Broker Setup Page on Quantiply. At the same time, enter your 5 digit client id and PAN number on the Quantiply Broker Setup Page, and click SAVE.

6. On the developer portal, on the PRODUCTION KEYS page, change all the default Expiry Time values to 86400, and click UPDATE.


Setup a 6 digit MPIN from the Account Details section on the  Kotak  Securities NEO trading Terminal. This MPIN is required while doing broker login (access token generation) on Quantiply.


Go to the Broker Login page on Quantiply, and click Login under your Kotak Securities client id.

Enter the Kotak Neo trading terminal password and MPIN and click Login. Once logged it you can start trading.