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    • Steps to get started
    • Subscribe to a paid plan
    • Instructions
    • Pricing
    • Discounted Pro
  • Features (Trade logic)
    • List of all Trading features
    • Entry logic: Entry by Premium
    • Entry logic: ATM %
    • Entry logic: Straddle Width
    • Entry logic: Straddle Premium
    • Move Stoploss to Cost
    • Positional trades
    • Premium Matching functionality
    • Re-Entry / Re-Execute
    • Wait & Trade
    • Underlying based Entries & Exits
    • Range Breakout
  • Advanced Settings
    • List of all Advanced Settings
    • Entry order delay & Exit order delay
    • Calculate entry & exit using Average price or LTP
    • Re-entry method
    • Re-entry timing settings
    • SL order placement delay
    • Re-entry max count Type
    • Re-execute order delay
  • Order types
    • Order type: SL-Limit
    • Limit / SL-Limit EXIT orders
    • Limit / SL-Limit ENTRY Orders
  • Other features
    • Square off individual legs
    • Clientwise Stoploss & Target
    • Auto exit on margin error
    • Retry button for individual orders
    • Telegram Notifications
    • Advance placement of Re-Entry orders
    • Multiplier
  • Important topics
    • Limit Price Protection (LPP) mechanism
    • BSE Sensex, Bankex & NSE Midcpnifty
  • Broker Setup
    • Zerodha
    • Upstox
    • IIFL
    • Bigul by Bonanza
    • Tradejini
    • 5Paisa
    • AC Agarwal
    • Jainam Duck
    • Flattrade
    • Kotak Securities (Kotak Neo)
    • Fyers
    • Motilal Oswal



Trading terminal: https://kite.zerodha.com

API dashboard/Developer portalhttps://developers.kite.trade

Zerodha Account opening link: https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPKJJ

Brokerage: Rs. 20/order brokerage.

Quantiply Discounted Pro offer is applicable for Zerodha accounts opened using the above link. 


(A) Step 1: TOTP setup:

Setup TOTP for your Zerodha account. (Zerodha has made TOTP compulsory)

TOTP setup instructions: https://support.zerodha.com/category/your-zerodha-account/login-credentials/login-credentials-of-trading-platforms/articles/time-based-otp-setup

(B) Step 2: Quantiply Broker Setup:

1. Go to the Quantiply Broker Setup page, click on Add under the Zerodha logo, go to the next page and add your Zerodha client id and click on the Generate links button. You will see the Redirect URL and Postback URL which will later have to be pasted in Zerodha's developer portal.

(C) Step 3: API activation:

1. Sign up and login to developers.kite.trade. Your have to sign up on this portal separately, your existing Zerodha email id and password will not work. A fresh one-time sign up is required.

2. Zerodha charges Rs. 2000/month for API usage.  Go to the Billing section. You can either purchase credits or connect your Zerodha account to auto debit API fees from your trading account, every month.

3.  Once you have purchased credits OR linked your trading account for debit of API fees, go to the My Apps section and click on the Create new app button.

4. Select the Connect option. 

5. Enter an App name (any random name).

6.  Enter your 6 digit Zerodha client id.

8.  Copy the redirect URL from the Quantiply broker setup page (mentioned in Step 2) and paste it on the Create a new app page in the Redirect URL text box on the Zerodha developer portal, and then, copy the Postback url from the Quantiplu broker setup page and paste it under the Postback URL text box, on the Create a new app page.

9. Give a random Description.

10. Click the Create button, and your API app will be created.

11. Go to the My apps page, click on the newly created app.

12. On the next page, you will see the API key and API secret on the right hand side. 

13. Copy the API key and paste it under the API key text box on the Quantiply broker setup page, and copy the API Secret and paste it under the API secret text box on the Quantiply broker setup page.

14.  Once the API key and API secret are pasted on the Broker Setup page, click SAVE.

15. Go to the Broker Login page of Quantiply, you will see a login button under the newly setup client id. Click on Login. If the setup has been done correctly, you should be able to see a confirmation that you have logged in as shown below.

16. If your see a different screen after clicking on Login, or the login is failing then the setup may not have been done correctly, and you can refer the checklist below and correct the setup.

(D) Zerodha setup checklist (incase of broker login failure):

1. Make sure TOTP is enabled for your account.

2. Make sure there is no empty space after the api key and api secret pasted on the Quantiply broker setup page.

3. Make sure api key and api secret are correctly pasted in the correct, respective text boxes. Sometimes by mistake api key is pasted in the api secret text box and api secret is pasted in the api key text box. Make sure that is not the case.

4. Make sure the client id in the redirect url and postback url links which are pasted on the zerodha developer portal, has all capital letters (upper case.

5. Make sure api subscription has not expired.

6. Make sure you are logged out of all zerodha terminals and products on the browser from where you’re trying to broker login. Broker login on Quantiply has to be a fresh login. You cannot be signed in to Kite or any other Zerodha product at the time of doing Broker Login