• Getting started
    • Steps to get started
    • Subscribe to a paid plan
  • Features (Trade logic)
    • List of all Trading features
    • Entry by Premium
    • Move Stoploss to Cost
    • Wait & Trade
    • Re-Entry
    • Positional trades
    • Premium Matching functionality
    • Clientwise Stoploss & Target
    • Underlying based Entries & Exits
  • Advanced Settings
    • List of all Advanced Settings
    • Entry order delay & Exit order delay
    • Calculate entry & exit using Average price or LTP
    • Re-entry method
    • Re-entry timing settings
  • Order types
    • Order type: SL-Limit
    • Limit / SL-Limit EXIT orders
    • Limit / SL-Limit ENTRY Orders

Subscribe to a paid plan

Step 1:

Go to the My Account page and add your address.

Step 2:

Go to the Billing page and purchase credits by entering an amount and clicking Buy Credits.

Step 3:

Once the credits are purchased, go to the Subscriptions page and select a plan and click Subscribe under the selected plan.