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Advance placement of Re-Entry orders

This functionality allows you to place the re-entry orders in advance, allowing reduction in slippages while re-entering positions when Re-Entry and Re-execute features are enabled.

Orders are placed in advance for the following re-entry/re-execute configured methods:

  1. Re-Cost.
  2. Wait & trade Re-Cost.
  3. Wait & trade Re-Execute.
  4. Re-Cost Reverse.
  5. Wait & trade Re-Cost Reverse.
  6. Wait & trade Re-Execute Reverse.


To enable advance placement of re-entry/re-execute orders, you need to first select Entry order type: Limit/Stoploss Limit under the Advanced Settings section.

Once that is selected, you need to select the Advance option under the setting Re-entry/Re-execute Entry Order Placement drop down menu.

Important points:

  1. The default setting under the Re-entry/Re-execute Entry Order Placement is Later, which means the orders will be placed only when the re-entry/re-execute condition is met. 
  2. The Re-entry/Re-execute Entry Order Placement setting is not configurable when Entry Order Type setting is set to Market orders or when re-entry / re-execute method is set to Candle Close.

1. Manual Retry Individual legs functionality for re-placement of orders in case of errors, has not been tested for placement of re-entry/re-execute orders in advance due to non occurrence of real errors in the testing environment. 
2. Edge cases that may not have occurred or observed while testing, if any, will be addressed immediately if and when observed or raised by users.