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Square off individual legs

Square off individual legs with multi-select option

This functionality enables you to exit (ie. Square off) selected legs, while those positions are open.

I. How to use:

Select individual ‘Open’ legs or use the Select all option to select Open legs. Once the desired legs are selected, click on ‘Exit selected legs’ to immediately square off the selected Open legs.

Open legs mean positions that are currently open (ie. the trade is active for that leg)

II. Important points:

1. This option will only Square off Open legs and also cancel any corresponding open SL orders of the same legs.

2. This option does NOT Cancel or de-activate any pending SL orders or pending Wait & Trade or Re-entry orders. It only operates on Open positions. 

III. Use case:

This functionality can be helpful in squaring off buy legs or hedges bought to avail margin benefits, once the corresponding sell legs have exited.