• Getting started
    • Steps to get started
    • Subscribe to a paid plan
    • Instructions
    • Pricing
    • Discounted Pro
  • Features (Trade logic)
    • List of all Trading features
    • Entry logic: Entry by Premium
    • Entry logic: ATM %
    • Entry logic: Straddle Width
    • Entry logic: Straddle Premium
    • Move Stoploss to Cost
    • Positional trades
    • Premium Matching functionality
    • Re-Entry / Re-Execute
    • Wait & Trade
    • Underlying based Entries & Exits
    • Range Breakout
  • Advanced Settings
    • List of all Advanced Settings
    • Entry order delay & Exit order delay
    • Calculate entry & exit using Average price or LTP
    • Re-entry method
    • Re-entry timing settings
    • SL order placement delay
    • Re-entry max count Type
    • Re-execute order delay
  • Order types
    • Order type: SL-Limit
    • Limit / SL-Limit EXIT orders
    • Limit / SL-Limit ENTRY Orders
  • Other features
    • Square off individual legs
    • Clientwise Stoploss & Target
    • Auto exit on margin error
    • Retry button for individual orders
    • Telegram Notifications
    • Advance placement of Re-Entry orders
    • Multiplier
  • Important topics
    • Limit Price Protection (LPP) mechanism
    • BSE Sensex, Bankex & NSE Midcpnifty
  • Broker Setup
    • Zerodha
    • Upstox
    • IIFL
    • Bigul by Bonanza
    • Tradejini
    • 5Paisa
    • AC Agarwal
    • Jainam Duck
    • Flattrade
    • Kotak Securities (Kotak Neo)
    • Fyers
    • Motilal Oswal



1. Useful links.

2. API Activation & Broker Setup on Quantiply.


Trading terminal: https://pro.upstox.com.

API dashboard: https://account.upstox.com/developer/apps.

Account opening link: http://upstox.com/open-account/?f=QFQ2.


1. Login to https://account.upstox.com/developer/apps.

2. Click on + New app to create a new API app.

3. Give a random app name and copy paste the Redirect URL and Postback URL which gets generated after adding your client id on the Quantiply broker setup page.

4. Once the api app is created, go to the API dashboard's main page and click on the newly created app. You will see an API key and API secret. Copy and paste the API key and API secret on Quantiply's broker setup page and click Save.

5.  Go to the Broker Login page on Quantiply and click login and enter your credentials to login. If the setup was done correctly, you will see 'Logged in'.